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Champagne Doyard Mahé                            A vineyard in Vertus

As soon as we have left the nice city of Epernay we arrive in the ‘Côte des Blancs’. This is the empire of Chardonnay, a unique white grape from which we are making wines that are known for their finesse, elegance and aromatic power. Vertus is a beautiful city. With 564 Hectares in the 'Côte des Blancs' it is the most important vineyard of the Marne. Every year in September-October the grape harvesting is the place for heart-warming meetings and friendships. Carole Doyard has her vineyards (around 6 hectares) in the village of Vertus known for its ‘premier Cru’. Four generations already have passed their knowhow in order to assure the future. Since 1991 we respect still more the environment and the work of men and women busy with the development of our champagne, followed by Réseau Magister. Nature gave us a wonderful product that we appreciate this way. Today Carole produces her wines with the same passion as Carole’s great-grandfather Maurice, grandfather Jean and father Philippe. Our champagne is produced from the Chardonnay grapes. We vinify around 50 000 bottles yearly.  Every step in production and vinification is executed in a traditional way.

                                               The wine area of Vertus                                                                                             The church of Vertus