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Elaboration of our champagne

A bottle of champagne that is transported over a distance of several hundred kilometres should rest for a few weeks before you open it. Keep your bottles horizontally. The cork should remain in contact with the liquid to prevent it from drying. Champagne is best stored in a cool place with constant temperature (12 to 15°C is said to be ideal). There should not be a too strong air flow, and above all no light. Vibrations have an adverse effect too. Humidity is not a real problem, provided that one does not exaggerate (60 to 70% is super). For those who do not have an appropriate basement, an expensive but effective solution exists: the wine cabinet. However, avoid wine fridges with a transparent door. If storage conditions are good, champagne can be kept three years, and even more for a millésime. The rule appears to be that champagne can be stored as long as the maturation process has lasted in the cellars of the wine grower. The more volume there is in a bottle, the longer will the acceptable storage period be. A Magnum for example can be better preserved than a bottle of 75 cl.